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Heart is breaking Unhappy posted: 08/11/04 at 1:44 PM
crazy4lovinu  [more]
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I've posted here a couple of times and I have gotten some really good advice, but im still facing the same problem. Basically its that i have been best friends with this guy for 8 years and we live across the street from eachother. A couple months ago we had sex and at first it wasn't a big deal. Then the more time we spent together in that kind of way (more than friends) the more my feelings grew for him. Well i came out and told him and he basically told me he liked me but didn't want to be in a relationship with anyone right now. At first there was another girl, but she has faded out of the picture which is better for me. Well for awhile i took everyones advice and stayed away from him. I distanced myself and i thought i was getting over him. Then something happened and i feel right back to where i was before. We got in a huge fight one night and i ended up sleeping with his best friend. I found out tonight he knew that we had done it and i thought he would be mad but he wasn't at all. Normally this woul dbe a good thing but i can't stop thinking about it. He really didn't care that i had slept with his best friend. When people ask about us he just says its all forfun and casual and i feel the same way to an extent.

I am so in love with him i am blinded by it. His best friend was someone i used to like a lot and when we slept together i thought it would help but it only made me realize how much i wanted to be with him. I tried telling him but it only pushed him away. I want him in my life but it is breaking my heart because i want to be with him so bad. My heart is breaking and i don't know what to do. I know i should stay away and i tried that but it doesn't work i only want him more. We have this passion between us. We can sit and watch a movie and laugh for hours and just be our selves. I trust him more than i trust myself. I know he is confused. How can i make him realize i am the one for him. I know we are meant to be together. He tryed to be with someone else but it didn't work and i know im the reason. I love him and he loves me, but i want him to be able to admit it and be with me fully... what can i do?

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posted: 08/12/04 at 10:49 PM

V-MELT-09  [more]
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I think that if he really wanted to be with you he would have taken the relationship to the next level. OObviously if he really liked you it would have killed him that you slept with his best friend. I think yes he does love you but not in "i want to spend the rest of my life with you" love. I think its awesome that you can chill with eachother abd laugh the whole night but your intentions are probably not the same as his. Why should you settle for anyone who doesn't put as much effort as you are putting into a relationship? I know you don't want to hear this but i think you should seperate yourself from him for awhile. Find something to take your mind of this problem. Go out with your girlfriends or something.

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posted: 08/14/04 at 12:59 AM

NICHOLLA  [more]
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I agree with V-MELT-09. your intensions are not the same. try and distance yourself from him.keep yourself busy if you can. good luck!


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