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The hotel of love posted: 10/21/03 at 8:01 AM

sexysmile  [more]
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Christine had not long been working at the luxurious new hotel in town. She job shares with Olivia who is showing her the ropes. Christine was currently learning the room booking system on the computer.

Her job requires her to work funny hours and often missed spending time with her boyfriend Dan. Tonight she was due to finish at 8pm. She couldn’t wait.

Christine’s heart skipped a beat when at 7.45 Dan walked in and approached the desk. Ignoring Christine, Dan asked Olivia for a luxury suite with a double bed and a large shower with jets. Olivia informed Dan that Room 274 was available but it only had a spa bath. Dan said this would be fine and upon being given directions to the room he said that she was to expect his partner in at any moment and please tell her to come straight up. Olivia did not suspect a thing when Dan gave her the exact description of the woman sitting beside her.

At 7.55 the telephone rang and the switchboard said it was room 274’s telephone calling. Dan had placed an order for room service.

Olivia hung up the phone and commented to Christine that the gentleman that was at the desk 10 minutes ago required the things that she had written down on the list and that she was going to get these things and take them up to his room.

“I don’t mind doing that Olivia – I can go and get what the gentleman requires and then go home from there”. Olivia handed Christine the list. Roast pork dinner, strawberries and cream, massage oil, flavoured condoms and bubble bath. Christine started to get hot as she read down the list. “Wow… what a list!” she smiled at Olivia. “See you tomorrow!”

As she walked towards the hotel convenience store, Christine smiled as she looked at the list again. The one thing on the list that particularly made her smile was the flavoured condoms. Dan knew that she wasn’t a great fan of giving him blowjobs, what a clever compromise she thought.

What really made her laugh though was that Olivia was unaware that Dan was her lover and that little did she know; Christine would not be going home tonight. This also was a surprise to Christine, she had no idea Dan had planned this incredible evening for them.

The convenience store had everything you could think of and it was when she passed the lingerie section she found this sexy lacy baby doll. Dan would love that! She picked up all the things on the list as well as the baby doll and headed for the hotel kitchen.

With dinner and desert ordered she headed towards room 274. Her heart was pumping so loud in her ears she could barely concentrate. Along the way she passed the guest toilets. Sneaking her way in she put the purchases on the bench and proceeded to take her uniform off. She put her bra and panties in the bag on the bench and took out the baby doll. Her stiff nipples protruded through the gaps in the lace. She did the bow up and admired herself in the mirror.

She felt her ***** burning hot for her man and was grateful for having shaved it before work this morning. Christine collected the things from the bench and peered around the corner of the door before making a dash for room 274.

Christine was stunned to be met at the door by Dan, completely naked except for a robe which hung loose showing of his amazing body. He quickly let her in and took the bag off her. His hands immediately went to her breasts, firmly but gently massaging them as their lips met in a hot kiss. Dan moved down to her neck, licking and sucking it in the way she adored and she moaned “You’re so full of surprises!”

“So are you sexy – look at you!” They were in the middle of another hot passionate kiss when there was a knock at the door. Reluctantly she moves away and heads around the corner out of sight. Dan does up his robe and answers the door. The porter is standing there with a trolley with two trays with lids on them, and underneath a bucket full of ice with a bottle of champagne resting on the ice and the strawberries and cream.

“The Champagne is complements of the hotel… our special this month with room service”. Dan thanks the porter and closes the door.

“Now where were we?” Dan approaches Christine from behind and cups her breasts. Although his hot body is pushed into her, her skin develops goose bumps at his touch. Dan knows his lover so well, and when he could tell she was almost at the point of no return he whispers “Dinner is served baby”.

She sits beside him at the table using one hand to eat her meal whilst driving him crazy with a hand job with the other. He stops eating, slipping a hand up her thigh until he reaches her slippery mound. “Have I told you yet how sexy you look tonight?” He kisses her before taking his hand away and licking his fingers. Christine smiles.

“Oh… I almost forgot the champagne!” Dan comments. He gets up to get the champagne and glasses. Christine leans over to the bench and grabs the bag, taking one of the condoms. She gets it ready and when her lover comes back still all hard for her, she rolls it on him. “ohhh baby!” He moans as she frantically sucks on him.

The rubber felt strange in her mouth but the taste of orange was quite nice. She could feel him getting hotter and hotter inside her, pulsating, ready to explode at any moment. She took him as deep into her mouth as she could whilst listening to moans of pleasure. She was enjoying this as much as he seemed to be. This was definitely something she wanted to repeat over and over for her man.

Suddenly she felt an unusual sensation, as the condom filled with his juices. She continued to suck on him but his penis began to soften. She slid her lips over his shaft removing it from her mouth. “Damn baby that was incredible!” He kissed her deep, the orange flavour lingering in her mouth.

While he was in the bathroom she finished up her meal and took the strawberries and cream as well as the champagne in to the hot tub. She started up the hot tub and poured a small amount of the bubble bath in. Christine’s heart skipped a beat as she felt Dan behind her again.

“Allow me.” His arms reach around her to undo the bow and remove her baby doll. She does cute little squeak as Dan lifts her up and carries her into the hot tub, sitting down with her on his lap. He hands her a glass of champagne and feeds her a strawberry dipped in cream before kissing her.

They finish the strawberries and cream and he turns her around and sits her between his legs. His hands begin a wonderful massage of her shoulders which nearly sends her to sleep. They talk about their days.

Dan holds her tight. She feels so loved. “When do I get to feel your lips around me again baby?” She turns around and kisses him deeply. “After you’ve spent hours making love to me”.

“Hours of lovemaking followed by a wonderful massage… how does that sound gorgeous?” Before she had a chance to answer he entered her, taking her breath away. He rolled her over, carefully propping her on the edge of the spa seat, one of her legs in his arm, gently moving in and out of her.

Dan took his time with her tonight, only slowly moving in and out of her, driving her crazy. His mouth licked and nibbled on her breasts, making her moan with delight. He managed to pick Christine up, still pulsating inside her and carried her to the luxurious bedroom, the bed was already turned down for them and despite being wet they lay down and made love until the wee small hours of the morning.

He was relentless in his attempts to pleasure her, and even though she fell asleep in his arms he still enjoyed licking and sucking on her breasts, and lightly fingering between her legs.

She was woken eventually by the sun streaming in on her naked body and her lovers hands massaging every inch of her with massage oil.

“You look like you haven’t slept sweetheart.” Christine commented. “How can I sleep with this beautiful body to pleasure all night?”

It was 6am and she had two hours until she needed to be at work. “I just remembered… I have to find a new uniform for today!” At least I don’t have far to go to work.

Dan reached for his cellphone and dialled reception. “Hello, this is Dan speaking, Christine’s partner, Christine has taken ill and won’t be in today. I will call again tomorrow if she is still unwell.” Dan winks at his lover and rolls her over and makes love to her.

“What other cures can you offer me Dr Dan?” She winks at him.

“Well, I think you need to suck on my special throat lozenge! I have many flavours for you to chose from, apple and cinnamon, chocolate or strawberry?” He tosses the condoms on the bed and she decides on a breakfast of apple and cinnamon.

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posted: 10/21/03 at 8:13 AM

Luvlybabi  [more]
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wow this is amazing....keep up the good work

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posted: 10/21/03 at 8:17 AM

sexysmile  [more]
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I will finish it... just need to think of how!

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Part two of? posted: 10/25/03 at 8:27 AM

sexysmile  [more]
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Much later they head for a luxurious shower, stroking eachother with the slippery bubble bath. They hear a knock on the door. They look at eachother and decide to ignore it.

A couple of seconds later they hear the door open and people enter the room. Dan turns off the shower and they listen.

When they realise it's the cleaners they relax a little and they start kissing, still without the water rushing over them. The kisses quickly create muffled moans of desire from the both of them, reveling in the excitement of making love with other people... her work mates... in the room next door.

Dan works his way down her body with his hot mouth, taking his time on her stiff red nipples and firm aching breasts. His kisses reach her belly button and lower to her smooth slippery mound.

Christine welcomes this and pushes his head into her whilst trying to avoid making a noise. His hands reach up to squeeze her breasts and he is excited when he feels her hands already playing there. She puts her hands on his and encourages his massage

She is so excited now that he is having trouble drinking her all in. He stands back up and kisses her sharing in her juices as he effortlessly enters her again, walking her backwards towards the vanity.

To add to the excitement he opens the bathroom door a little after lifting her onto the vanity. Christine wraps her legs around him catching him in their lust for eachother. They are both exhilerated by having to be so quiet.

Christine gives Dan that 'knowing look' and he withdraws from her and she changes position, turning around with her tight cheeks facing him. Using the vanity she pushes back into him as he thrusts towards her. Looking at her flushed face in the mirror only encourages him more.

Encouraged even more by the closing of the door as the cleaners leave he picks up the already fevoured pace and Christine is finally able to let out her screams of passion, culminating in a wild orgasm for both of them.

Sensing she is not quite finished Dan turns Christine around again and this time nips his way down her body, the pain he creates getting her even more wound up. He literally plunges his way into her ***** and he sucks and licks at her until she begs him to stop many many minutes later.

By the time he is finished completely satisfying her, he is exhausted. "You are incorrigible!" He gasps. "You make me feel like I am the sexiest woman in the world!" She gushes. "You are to me" he replies.

He carries her through to the bedroom and orders brunch.

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Thumbs up posted: 10/30/03 at 10:02 PM

BB GIRL  [more]
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OMG!! I loved it! You are a very good writer, it got me hot

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