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Amatuer night at local strip club posted: 05/21/08 at 4:11 AM
Thomas80  [more]
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First time posting here although I have been lurking for quite a while. Thought I would share a fantasy my g/f and I recently lived out.

I am 27 she is 26 and we were in a discussion about different fantasies and one that came up was her dancing on amatuer night at a local strip club (topless only). We were both a little nervous, but decided to give it a try and see what happened.

We chose a place and we decided it would be best if we went in seperate because most places like this don't allow a dancer's b/f to enter if she is working. So she went in 30 minutes before I did and got registered. I then entered and had a seat at the bar and enjoyed a few drinks. They made an announcement that the contest was starting soon and there were seven contestants. She drew the first spot and was on stage for 2 songs. During those two songs she made $20 in tips!!

Sat through the next 6 girls and thought for sure she would be the winner, but unfortunately she finished 2nd. The owner of the club an older lady sat next to her at the bar afterwards and offered her job. She ended up going back and dancing the next night, but decided it was something she didn't want to do all the time.

Sex after we got home both nights was great though.

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