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Cum Play Talking posted: 04/06/08 at 3:11 AM

BetterRed  [more]
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I seem to have a fetish with Cum Play and was wondering who else out there does too?

It can be guys or girls.

Personally have no interest in other guys cum, just what my wife & I do with mine and maybe what she and another girl could do with it someday.

I love it when she is dominant and tells me what I have to do with it. We have tried many things such as:

Snowball/Swapped back & forth
Anal creampie (on rare occasions)
I've had it Spoon fed to me
Licked it off her body

Looking for other Ideas to try. any Ideas?


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posted: 07/22/08 at 5:45 AM
gwave  [more]
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Same here. Not interested in another guys cum either. but love to snowball and eat creampie.

And we do the role play thing where I am submissive and she dominant.

Her favorite is me giving her long oral while kneeling and jerking off.


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