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posted: 09/30/08 at 7:19 AM

MissFae  [more]
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I can pick my way out of police handcuffs I've done it enough times...nothing quite like sitting in the back of the cop car and not actually trying to escape, just taunting the cops because "Ooops! They fell off again "

Anyways...You may not have to go on ebay..sometimes shops like army surplus stores, certain collecting shops (places that sell pot paraphernalia, zippos , cool tshirts, posters and knives and some nice leather stuff) will carry them. I've actually seen them sold right next to "fuzzy cuffs" and the real cop ones are usually less expensive

You can make your own leather gear by going to a leather shop and buying bags of scrap leather. There are usually big enough pieces to put together wrist and ankle restraints. You may have to look for bigger scraps if you want to make a collar. You should be able to buy all your spikes, studs, D-rings at the same place.

You can also make your own chain mail if you like...that's less about sex and bondage but can still fit into the fetish category. I used to sit around with my friends getting stoned and making rings for them

I'm thinking of taking up making custom lingerie as well, bras, and panties then eventually corsets once I have the hang of doing bras. I have kinda big boobs for my back size so it's hard to find nice bras without paying $300 for them.


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posted: 09/30/08 at 12:36 PM
Rjf758  [more]
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Your local hardware store can provide with all you need. I used
nylon cargo strapping, welded metal rings, spring clips, and velcro. With a little bit of sewing, you can create almosat what ever you see in a bdsm catalogue.

a 1 inch dowel rod and eze screws can make an excellent spreader bar.

We made our whole set up for less than $40.



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posted: 09/30/08 at 9:01 PM
tarthrin  [more]
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I made a couple gags for my gf.

Using a practice golf ball, shoestring, drawstring tie, and a piece of 1/8" tubing for comfort.

Also made one out of a Nerf pocket vortex. Cut the ends off and took out the stick, then used the shoetring/drawstring tie/tube combo i used on the other gag.

They both worked beautifully and only cost me 6 dollars TOTAL.

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And I came here to learn... Wink posted: 04/16/12 at 5:26 AM

QuietFire  [more]
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Well, I found this forum looking for new and unique ideas for "gear" to make. It seems I have made a little more than those here.

Rjf758 has the right idea with strapping D-Rings and such. I make cuffs out of 1.5" Velcro, faux fur, 1.5" D-Rings, 1/4" thick fur, and embroidery thread. It takes time, but is well worth it. You measure your partner's wrists or ankles and cut a piece of double sided Velcro about 2" to 3" longer than the circumference. Then you cut a strip of faux fur about a quarter to a half inch longer than the circumference and 1/4 inch wider than the Velcro. Also you need to cut a strip of the foam about the width of the Velcro and the length of the faux fur.

Once you have your pieces cut you lay the foam on the hook side of the Velcro starting at the very end. This both holds it in place while you work and ensures the outside of the cuff will be the softer fuzzy side of the Velcro. Then you do the same with the fur. You will need a canvas needle and a thimble to do the actual stitching. I always start at the end and sew around the corner moving towards the overhanging flap of Velcro.

The stitch I use is designed to leave a colored border on the edge. I start on the Velcro side and pass the needle through and loop the thread over the edge to pass it again through the Velcro. After the first loop I start passing the thread through the previous loop before passing it through the Velcro again. This is what gives it a nice edge and really adds attractiveness to the functionality.

Once I have sewn halfway the length of the faux fur I cross the width of the cuff and sew back the corner I started. The result is a rectangle sewn on the first edge. Then you take a D-Ring and slip it between the foam and the Velcro until the flat rests against the inner edge of your rectangle. Then you sew across the width to lock it in place. At the edge, you turn and continue to the end of the faux fur and cross the width again. Finally you sew back to the D-Ring.

The end result is you have a cuff that not only is nice looking, but comfortable to the wearer and nearly inescapable. a 2" overlap of 1.5" Velcro is far more secure than you can imagine. I've never seen anything like it sold, but I imagine they would be Very expensive.

With the D-Rings you can either tie a rope through to tie off to whatever piece of furniture you desire or better you tie a metal snap to the end of the rope and click it in place! The sound of the metal is very enticing!

One hint for the stitching, you can't do it all with one piece of thread, but you can pass the next piece of thread between the layers of the cuff to hold it in place and hide it so the result looks like a continued piece of thread.

I have also made a collar this way, but I left out the foam as a collar should never be worn too tightly. It was comfortable and matched the cuffs. Sometimes when we go out on the town she wears them like jewelry! I actually embroidered her name on the collar as an added touch.

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