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Captain America posted: 07/30/11 at 4:05 PM

fair_is_fair  [more]
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Saw this flick last week and forgot to comment on it.

So the human torch...I mean...Steve Rogers (Chris Evans] is a very awkward...poorly poorly awkwardly put together man that apparently can take a hit, but hes such a little guy that he has no confidence at all.

Enter super hero injection serum from crazy german scientist working for the army and poorly filmed pathetic kid with Chris Evans head on top becomes the great lone hero of the World War II era, Captain America, a staple in all geeky childrens underwear drawers.

This movie is about the origin of Captain America and his story through the era based in World War II against a German crazy man Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving] also known as the evil Red Skull and head of HYDRA.

So as far as movies go, I give this about as good as Thor. Entertaining, but really missed the mark. I didnt particularly like the movie much at all. What I did like however is the tie ins with Iron Man. That to me was worth its weight in this movie as well as the ending trailer at the end of the credits which is the official Avengers Trailer where you get to see stuff..

Those two factors to me were enough to say the movie was allright. The rest was like...eh. Also I forgot to mention they used a totally different guy to play Howard Stark. That was a huge dislike. They should have found an actor that looked similar to the guy in the footage that tony saw if they wanted a younger stark actor. They are TOO different to seem similar to an audience:

http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0805476/ - this was the first howard stark in Iron Man 2

http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1002641/- This is howard stark in Captain America

I mean seriously...you couldnt at least use the same guy if not very similar??? I know they were attempting to make him look even similar to Tony instead of Walt Disney like the impression I got from Iron Man 2...but dont just change actors! I dont care how busy the guy is...

One last thing, I thought the ending of this movie was super random...they didnt play that one out well at all. It was disorienting and its not good to make the audience as disoriented as the character. Also if you were just fighting nazis....would it really make any sense for you to trust a guy that dresses like the same nazis you just faught against? Dont think so....too random for my taste. They put too large of gaps in here to force the audience to take leaps and bounds in getting a grasp on what just happened.

I give this one about a 6/1O.

When I am at work, its like I am Iron Man...I feel invincible when I don the armor of success....

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