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Kung Fu Panda 2 posted: 06/05/11 at 1:55 PM

fair_is_fair  [more]
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Kung Fu Panda is back! With the original cast and follows the tale of Po, the panda, after his great defeat of Tai Lung. It seems everything is going well for the dragon warrior and the furious five until a large group of warrior wolves attacked their area and attempted to steal all the metal for a very obsessive pea**** prince, Shen, that wants it for his own plans to take over China. Blinded by rage of his parents banishment for his evil plans, he had came back for revenge.

On the flip side, Po starts seeing visions from his past each time he fights the wolves or Shen and realizes his need to know about his past and who he is to find inner peace.

A cute story and very nice indeed. Very similar formula as the first one for the most part and strangely this movie felt dragged out. There were several parts in I felt it could have ended, but instead it continued instead. Shen is also a bit of a poor bad guy as he has plenty of opportunities to finish Po off, but half assed it quite a bit.

I still think its a good movie regardless. Its got some sweet and tender moments, some good laughter and plenty of action. I give it a 8/1O.

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