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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides posted: 05/25/11 at 10:34 AM

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Jack Sparrow is BACK! again.

In On Stranger Tides, our hunky drunken pirate's tale takes place...sometime after or before...or after...well I couldnt tell if when it took place since the trilogy. From what I understand this was mean to be a prequel, but it was never established as it was most likely a sequel considering the monkey was evident on the black pearl ship.

Well any way, the story is all based on the famous Fountain of Youth that was discovered by Ponce De Leon. The Spanish have sent out an expedition to claim the fountain and in return the competitive English had to get their paws on it first. So now a race sets out along with a radical twist in the story, Edward Teach, also know infamously as the terrorizing pirate Black Beard wants to get to the fountain as well. His death being prophesized, Black Beard rushes to the fountain to keep it from coming true.

And so another wacky charming tale begins in the pirates series!

Personally I love this role. Jack Sparrow has to be high on my list of all time favorite and memorable characters. But the role is getting old. The movie revolves around the fountain and the love story between Jack and Angelica, but seems to not really resolve or even evolve in the movie. Its a strange interaction that teases you quite a bit throughout the entire time. Jack is well...jack. Still stagnant of a character and strangely appears with an X marked on his face which many have questioned its origin.

I would say none of these movies can be as good as the first one, but this was definitely better than At Worlds End....which to me was the worse of them all. I was very disappointed I dressed up for that one. I think if you never saw the first three, this movie can definitely stand on its own. It is very segregated from the past series and is quite entertaining as Depp usually is with his colorful vision of his own characters. I think though it misses quite a lot of spunk as Jacks tricks are typically wily and predictable, so in all honesty, the jokes get old even when the story line has a lot of punch to it.

Im also glad Jacks father has a slightly bigger part in this film...I hated Keith Richards cameo in the 3rd movie...it was rather short and a waste of film time. He explained nothing about Jacks past and he still doesnt either.

Which brings me to another point, what made this movie so interesting was a girl coming back from his past, but whenever they get into the explanation, its often short or interrupted. You never fully understand much about the relationship and you still dont by the end of the movie. Which makes me think its going to probably lead us to push out another pirate film that is Angelica based.

At this point I give it a 8/1O, still quite enjoyable, I love the introductions of several new characters, and still well scripted and exotic as usual. My big hang up is...the same old jokes just dont crack me up as much as they use to.

When I am at work, its like I am Iron Man...I feel invincible when I don the armor of success....

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