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Lovingyou.com > Love Advice & Tips > Ask A Male > Why do ex boyfriends always come back?
Why do ex boyfriends always come back? Question posted: 07/10/09 at 11:42 AM

Denisse810  [more]
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2 years ago I met a guy who I thought he was "Mr. Prince Charming". We dated for 2 months, everything was going perfect until out of the blue he broke up with me. He lied to me saying that the reason was because he still was in love with his ex, but later on I found out that it was because he started to date someone else that he met on the web.

I was so mad and hurt and complained to him and we stoped the comunication in bad terms.

Is so funny but when I was depressed I bought a book called "Men ALWAYS come back" and it says that ex boyfriends always come back, BUT when you are totally over them and the call is unexpected. I didn't believe that, but I did read the book anyway.

2 years later when I was TOTALLY over him, "the ex" sent me mails asking me to forgive him and that he wanted to be friends with me. At the begining I ignored the messages, later I saw him when I was with another newly ex at the shopping center and he was so happy to see me. I agreed to be friends with him because I don't feel anything for him anymore and I can't get hurt with the friendship.

But to me is so weird that he wants to be friends, and friends mean friends to him, he calls me to ask me about my weekend, he makes plan to hang out every weekend, send messages very often.. and it really feels as he just want to be friends, nothing more..

My question is why would a guy wants to be friend with an ex? Is this and ego thing? (Maybe because he saw me with somebody else?.. Does he feels remorse of the way he broke up?.. What do you think?

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posted: 07/10/09 at 9:59 PM
JackIsBack  [more]
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He does not want to be your friend. He wants to get back in your pants.

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posted: 07/11/09 at 4:53 AM

BleedingHart  [more]
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I have to agree. It really does sound like he's using the friend's card to coerce the possibility of igniting old flames. After all, the more you hang out, the stronger the possibility that this will happen. Of course, there may only be a very slim chance of this happening. But in his mind, even the smallest chance is better than no chance at all, and the only way for there to be absolutely no chance, is if you completely shut him out of your life.

Now it is possible for ex lovers to be friends, but it is an extremely rare occurance. It requires certain circumstances; none of which are present in the post you have written.

BTW, exes coming back works both ways, i.e. men AND women do it. It really isn't some intricate phenomenon. It usually happens with the person who was in the wrong. They end up regretting their decision, and acknowledge that what they truly want was there all along, and have not come to terms that it is lost forever. Of course, they don't ever come to this realization until after the person who got wronged has had enough time to move on. That's the true mind boggler, but I believe it's just karma biting them in the ass.

Consumation of the soul is done willingly.

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